My most recent addition to the WiredAgain store, has cost me the most!

A few weeks ago, I was thrifting and found some old wooden incense holders.  When I was younger, I had a small obsession with incense, (Didn’t we all?!) and I was just drawn to buy them.  I thought that they would make beautiful pieces of jewelry and I was so excited to transform them!  So, I took them home and told my husband what my vision was for each piece and asked him to cut the incense holders and help transform them a little.  When he returned with the little heart piece, I was stunned!  I immediately wanted to make it a necklace, and wanted to have it hang diagonally, and looped through the chain (versus drilling a hole for a charm to dangle).  As I kept thinking about this unique and totally special piece, I didn’t want to just use a regular chain.  I thought it really deserved a nice, more expensive chain.  With the color and detail of the wood, the rose gold just complimented it so well.  So I resolved to splurge on the rose gold!  I kind of thought, that even if it didn’t sell… I could always have it!

And so the necklace was born and the incense holder was given new life and purpose that it never had before!