The day started, as most days do in San Diego, upper 70’s and sunny, birds chirping, and lizards scampering.  Grampa was going to be making dinner for our unusual household on this fine evening.  He was out shopping the day before, and found a great deal on some steak.  I have learned that to a man, steak equals grill, and grill equals manly cooking.

So as this fine day progressed, Grampa found himself in a bit of pain.  The ‘ol leg acting up.  I have also learned that liquor equals pain relief… however temporary the relief may be.  So Gramps decided he needed to “get well”, with a cold beer and a shot of tequila!  He made his was up to the orchard, picked a fresh lemon and came back down to the patio.  If this man was gonna take a shot, he was going to do it correctly.  He sliced his fresh, hand picked lemon into a bite sized wedge and cracked some sea salt onto a small plate.  I’ve never seen a 73 year old take such care in preparing a shot.  I suppose that he did “get well” because he began to scamper around the kitchen preparing for the night’s dinner.  “We’re havin surf-n-turf!” he proudly proclaimed.  He had also been at Costco (his favorite store) and found black tiger shrimp were on sale.             

Although I enjoy doing the cooking, I don’t particularly mind when Grampa decides to do the honors, especially when he plans to make “surf-n-turf”.

My husband got home from work and excitedly thought of what he could do to be outside in the nice weather and company of his grandfather.  A fire.  I have learned that fire equals manly cleaning.  So he gathered some old cardboard and branches and started a nice fire.  I love a good fire.  It reminds me of home.  Our roommate (Grampa’s pastor) put on some tunes and poured some tequila shots for the rest of us!  We enjoyed the time with some funny inside jokes, heartfelt stories and memories.  And the dinner wasn’t too bad either!  I did get to contribute to the meal; a cotton cheesecake with blueberry syrup, for dessert.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.

Food.  Food, is what brings us together… today.