The english alphabet has 26 letters.  Can you imagine if it only had 25!  If any one of our precious 26 letters were to all of a sudden, disappear… life would just drastically change!

What if, the “C” went missing?!  Kids would ride the “shool” bus, and we would talk on our “ell” phones.  We would eat “poporn” while watching “asablana”!  You would order a Big “Ma” at the drive thru window at “M Donalds”!  You would either pass or fail, getting an A, B, or D!  No in between!  A lot of us would never had made it out of elementary!  In the winter we would wear “oats”, catch an “old”, and drink hot “o-oa”.  Your mom would bake the best “hoolate hip ookies” to “heer” you up when you “ry”!  What a “razy” world it would be!

It’s all just a little too much.  After really thinking about it, who would leave out a “C”?  Surely the working professionals of our time would realize how grave of a mistake it would be to leave out such an important letter.

Anyway, I decided to make crab cakes for dinner, and I needed one more can of crab meat.  So I walked down to my local Wal Mart, (about 3 blocks from my house) to purchase this one simple item.  Nothing complicated or fancy about canned crab meat.  As I looked on the shelf, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Some working professional, of our time, made the grave mistake of leaving out the “C”.  A simple 4 letter word, reduced to 3.

You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if I had seen this at a closeout store, such as Big Lots.  It would sit proudly on the shelf amongst the other misfit items with discount prices.  Happy, to have found it’s place in this “razy” world.  But Wal Mart?!  Really?!  How did this slip through the cracks?!  Ultimately, I blame Wal Mart for having to make “rab” cakes for dinner.