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I am a huge fan of the art and science of food.  Besides hybrid produce, it’s not like there are any “new” food items.  What there is, is what there is!  So it’s cool to see a regular, boring food item reinvented, like it was something we have never seen or experienced before!  I came across a website, with tons of cool recipes using gastronomy techniques, and the mozzarella balloons was one of them!  They looked amazing!  A lot bigger than what I was able to reproduce, and they had a roasted garlic “air” that poofs out when the balloon is popped.  How cool!  So, I do not have a kitchen full of random utensils that one would need for most of the gastronomy recipes out there.  I do, however, have enough creativity to make it work with what I do have!  These mozzarella balloons are a great “amuse bouche” served with a drizzle of balsamic, olive oil, and a chiffonade of basil.  Or incorporate them with some brushetta, or a caprese salad for a fun appetizer!

All you need is mozzarella cheese, a pot of simmering water, a flavor injector or syringe, and a clove of roasted garlic.  Just put the roasted garlic clove into the flavor injector, and fill the rest with air.  Warm small chunks of mozzarella in the simmering water till they are nice and pliable.  Push the tip of the injector into the ball of mozzarella and inject the air slowly to blow a bubble.  Once its full, pinch off the end to seal the air in.  Don’t overfill the balloon.  The cheese will start to get a little transparent.  The principle is just like blowing bubbles with chewing gum.  It took me a couple times to get a good seal around the injector tip and fill the balloon evenly.  Don’t get frustrated.  Remember when you were a kid learning to blow bubbles?!  It took some practice, huh?!

Wondering when you would ever make this?!  Try a different variation.  Fill the balloon with salad dressing!  Try romaine salad with candied walnuts & dried cranberries with vinaigrette filled mozzarella!