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This is the absolute best frosting/cream ever!  I first made it in an orange version to top cupcakes, and then tried this pomegranate version.  It has never failed!  I guess you could get creative and re-flavor it with just about anything!  It was fantastic with my flourless chocolate torte topped with pomegranate pearls!


2 room temperature egg whites

1 tsp pomegranate flavor extract

1 tbsp pomegranate juice

1 cup sugar

1/4 tsp cream of tartar

1/3 cup water

In a saucepan fitted with a candy thermometer, mix sugar, water and cream of tartar.  Stir till dissolved over medium heat, then stop stirring and continue to cook.  Meanwhile whip egg whites, extract (if you can’t find pomegranate, raspberry will be okay) and juice till soft peaks form.  When the sugar mixture reaches 225 degrees remove from heat and pour into the egg whites in a slow steady stream while whipping.  Continue to whip for about 7 minutes.  At first it will look like your nice fluffy egg whites have just deflated, but don’t worry, they will stiffen back up and turn nice and glossy.  Spoon into a pastry bag, or zip lock bag with the tip cut off, and pipe onto cupcakes or whatever!  Yum!