Is anyone else in love with this show?  In case you aren’t glued to the Food Network, here’s a description of how the show works:

Chopped is a cooking competition show, where four chefs compete before judges, to create a three-course meal.  Course by course, the chefs are “chopped” from the competition till only one winner remains.  The challenge?  They have to cook each course with a basket of mystery ingredients.  Each ingredient MUST be incorporated into the final result that is served to the judges.

Most of the time, the mystery ingredients are things that you would never expect to put together in a cohesive dish.  It forces the chefs to really get creative and find a way to harmoniously bind the items together.  The three courses are appetizer, entree, and dessert.

Actual examples of mystery ingredients-

appetizer round: beef tenderloin, nori paper, and maple syrup

entree round: bloody mary mix, green seedless grapes, cashews, and chicken steak

dessert round: canned peaches, cherry tomatoes, pretzel sticks, and emu egg

I want to play Chopped, in my own kitchen, and share the results/recipes with you!  Of course it won’t quite be the same as the show… No dramatic music, harsh judges, or actually getting chopped.  But still fun!

The appetizer round went well!  The mystery ingredients that were voted on, by you, were spam, avocado, and brazil nuts.  The result was a spam filled, avocado pasta ravioli, with a brazil nut pesto.  It was actually very tasty and looked great on the plate!

So next is the entree round!  Submit your mystery ingredients by replying to this blog post.  Please include a protein.  I’ll post the results and then well move on to everyones favorite round… dessert!

Get creative!  You could choose something crazy that you think will stump me, or an ingredient that you love, but don’t know how to incorporate into a dish!  The possibilities are endless!