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Don’t get the wrong idea… these truffles aren’t chocolate!  They simply resemble truffles, and because I didn’t want to call them “Goat Cheese Balls”, I went with it.  I have found several different ways to serve these delicious cheesy morsels, and they are always a hit.  Served as an appetizer in an bit of rosemary olive oil with some arugula.  Top individual potatoes au gratin, hot out of the oven, and let them soften on top!  Or even along side a fresh salad.

So all you do is….

Pulse a handful of almonds in a food processor with a pinch of rosemary, till its a crumby powdery consistency.  Dump onto a plate and set aside.  By the teaspoonful, roll the cold goat cheese in the palm of your hand to form a round ball.  Roll each ball in the almond crumbs to evenly coat.  You can make these ahead of time and refrigerate till your ready to use!