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With summertime, comes; visits from out of town friends and family, get togethers, barbecues, brunches, picnics, poolside drinks, fair food, lions and tigers and bears!  Oh My!  It’s truly a time to indulge, have fun and make memories surrounded by food.  It’s the American way.  The debacle is, summertime clothing isn’t the most forgiving if you’ve had one too many funnel cakes.

Sticking to the American way, I want a quick fix diet to solve my summertime food blues, without hindering my social life.  A diet that I don’t have to eat tiny portions and feel like I’m starving.  A diet that I can eat till I’m stuffed, and that only lasts as long as my perseverance does (which isn’t long).  Too much to ask?!  Impossible?!  Of course, because nothing comes cheap, right?  Well, we’ll see about that!  I found a 7 day diet that you can eat your heart out!  The question is, will it do the trick and get me back into those skinny jeans and tini bikinis?!  Those results will come, but for now I’ll share the diet plan with you.

Day 1: Fruit Day  EAT ALL THE FRUIT YOU WANT!  Here comes the fine print -> No bananas.  (Don’t worry, you’ll get your fill of bananas later) The “best” fruits to eat on this day are melons.  Cantalope, honeydew, watermelon etc.  They are mostly water and have less sugar, providing less calories.

Day 2: Veggie Day EAT ALL THE VEGETABLES YOU WANT!  And the fine print -> Only 1 potato can be eaten at dinner time, with butter, and you should avoid the more starchy veggies like peas, corn and beans.

Day 3: Fruits & Veggies EAT ALL THE FRUIT & VEGGIES YOU WANT!  Follow the guidelines from day 1 & 2, but no potato today.

Day 4: Bananas & Milk EAT ALL THE BANANAS & MILK YOU WANT!  Told ya you’d get a chance to eat your fill of bananas!  Eat up to 8 of them, and wash them down with up to 8 glasses of skim milk.  Your body needs the calcium, carbs and protein at this point to continue to help fight cravings for sweets.

Day 5: Fowl & Tomatoes EAT ALL THE CHICKEN & TOMATOES YOU WANT!  Chicken, turkey or any bird really, is acceptable.  Up to 6 tomatoes, remembering that for every tomato you must drink a glass of water!  It helps to wash the uric acid out of the body.

Day 6: Fowl & Veggies EAT ALL THE CHICKEN & VEGGIES YOU WANT!  The only catch on this day is no potatoes and avoid those other starchy veggies too.

Day 7: Miracle Soup EAT THIS SOUP ALL DAY & AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!  2-3 large onions chopped, 1 head of cabbage chopped, 1 green pepper chopped, 5-6 celery stalks chopped, 2 large cans of diced tomatoes slightly blended, 2 packages Lipton beefy onion soup mix.  Pour all the veggies into a stock pot with 4-6 cups of water.  Cook about 10 minutes then add the soup mix and cook till the veggies are tender.

Supposedly a doctor formulated this diet to help cleanse the body while loosing weight.  It promises that you can loose up to 10 pounds in the 7 days.  I’m sure there is a nice scientific method to the madness, but I’m not gonna dive too far into that until I know if it works!  It is acceptable to cook and season the vegetables and meat with olive oil and spices.  Basically stay away from adding anything creamy or sugary (no artificial sweeteners either).  Drink plenty of water during the 7 days.  Black coffee and unsweetened tea are acceptable, but don’t let them replace your water.  Unsweetened fruit and vegetable juices are okay on the days that you are allowed fruits and veggies.  Make sure to take a multivitamin and an additional vitamin B supplement.

As I journey through this 7 day diet, I’ll keep you informed of my progress and share some recipes along the way.  I have a salty tooth, so the fruit day is what I’m most nervous about.  I can’t imagine only eating sweet fruits all day and for dinner!  I’ll have to get a little creative, but I’m always up for a culinary challenge!

Try the diet, and share your experience/recipes!