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Day 3 of The 7 Day Diet is all the fruits and veggies you want!  I have to say it was a much easier day.  Breakfast was a nice big bowl of fresh pineapple!  Yum!  Lunch was a big red tomato with salt and pepper and a large No-Jito!  The vegetable bake was a delicious dinner!  And I’m thinking about making it again, when we are off this diet, and adding some homemade alfredo sauce.  Lets face it, cheese makes everything more tasty!

Basically all you need to do, is choose a few vegetables.  Maybe something different than what you had all day on Day 2.  I choose sliced carrots, halved brussel sprouts, marinated artichoke hearts, black olives, pickled peperoncini and of course the mushrooms on top!  Not all veggies are created equal.  Some are alot harder than others and take longer to cook to a soft, tender texture.  In my case, the carrots and brussel sprouts were the tough ones.  So Before tossing all the veggies into the oven to bake, I “pre-cooked” those in a skillet with a touch of olive oil, minced garlic, chopped onion and the mushroom stems.  The onion and garlic offer a lot of flavor, so don’t skip them!  Once they soften a bit, I added a touch of vinegar.  It kind of lends a marinated or almost pickled taste, which is great on the carrots and brussels.  After most of the liquid is absorbed I tossed the remaining veggies in the skillet, just to combine everything.

Then I filled each ramekin dishe with the veggies and placed the  thinly sliced mushrooms on top.  A drizzle of olive oil, salt, pepper and a touch of garlic powder and into the oven they go at 350 degrees.  They will bake about 10 minutes.  Keep an eye on them, and take them out when you see the mushrooms have changed from light to dark in color and have shrunken in size.  You can serve these with a little hot sauce to kick the flavor up a notch.  Just make sure its one that is 0 calorie and no sugar added.

Oh, and don’t forget about dessert tonight!  This is one day on the diet that you get to have a savory dinner and a sweet dessert!  Celebrate!  And what better way to do that than strawberries and whipped cream?!  Don’t worry, we aren’t cheating by having whipped cream.  This is a non dairy, unsweetened whipped cream from coconut milk!  Place a can of unsweetened coconut milk in the refrigerator for a few hours.  This will help to separate the thicker cream from the liquid.  The cream will rise to the top of the can, so don’t shake it when you take it out!  Open the can and spoon the cream off the top into a mixing bowl.  Whip with an electric mixer till it’s nice and creamy like whipped cream!  Keep it in the refrigerator till your ready to use it.  This was great with strawberries, but sliced Fuji apples were to die for with it!  I found a new favorite!