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The perfect fusion of German and Asian!  It’s GermAsian!  Okay, I’m sure thats not politically correct, but these appetizers are anything but offensive.  Unless your one of those who isn’t fond of sauerkraut.  And in that case, try these anyway!  They might surprise you and expand your palate!  After all, who doesn’t like a little fried food?!

I made the rolls ahead of time and froze them for the perfect occasion.  What better occasion than a Sunday afternoon, spent with friends?!  It was perfect because I didn’t have to detach my self from the social scene, for too long, to cook.  I just tossed ’em in the fryer for a couple minutes, and was back in a flash, bearing appetizer goodness!

Reuben Egg Rolls

egg roll wrappers

deli sliced corned beef

swiss cheese


1000 Island dressing (for dipping)

There aren’t any crazy directions here.  Just roll half a piece of swiss with a spoonful of sauerkraut into the corned beef.

Place the rolled meat on an egg roll wrapper and wet the sides down with water.  Roll up half way, fold the sides in, then roll the rest of the way up.  The wet sides will make a seal and keep the rolls together while frying.

At this point, you can put your rolls in a freezer bag and freeze till your ready to party.  Just take them out the night before and place them in the refrigerator overnight to thaw.

Fry in a deep fryer, or if you don’t have one, pour canola oil in a skillet (enough to submerge the rolls) and heat to about 355 degrees.  Fry the rolls till they are golden in color, keeping in mind you may have to turn them to cook evenly.  About 3 minutes.  Drain them on paper towels to ensure they stay crunchy.  Don’t let them sit on a plate of oil!  No one likes a soggy egg roll.  Serve with the 1000 Island dressing.  I found my 1000 Island to be a bit rich in flavor.  If this happens to you to, just whisk in some olive oil.  It will dilute the strong flavor.