As the days go by, I find myself evaluating my pregnancy experience in it’s 8 weeks of entirety.  To be honest, I feel fabulous!  I haven’t experienced those terrible symptoms that so many people have warned me about.  I seem to be sleeping a lot more, and with that I’ve been dreaming very vividly.

I keep thinking that I’m getting these cravings, but my husband is convinced that I am “being sold”.  Just because I see a commercial for Taco Bell and then I immediately want Taco Bell.  He thinks that if it were a legitimate craving, it would pop into my crave sensors, unprompted by advertisement.  I think he may be on to something, but I’m not telling him that!  The truth is, I don’t think I’m craving anything out of the ordinary.  The truth is, I think about these foods on a normal basis, but choose to dismiss them.  Now I just indulge in them!  That doesn’t mean I had a real pregnancy craving, it means I’m a Diva!  In conclusion, I’m finding that I have entitled myself to things that I wouldn’t normally, just because of this terrible affliction called “pregnancy”.

I wonder how many women, if they were honest, would admit that half of their pregnancy symptoms were exaggerated just because they wanted a bit more attention. I’m willing to admit it!  For the next 8 months, I have a get out of jail free card!  Thats so tempting to just whip out!  My problem is, I’m very honest and will usually fess up when I’m using it.  I hope my husband finds this to be an endearing quality.  I’ve definitely been soaking up the extra foot rubs!

Anywho, heres the facts:

-I’ve actually lost 5 lbs since finding out I was pregnant.  (I think this is due to a dramatic decrease in my wine consumption!… Oh, and eating healthier!)  5 lbs down + swollen boobs = Me, feeling very sexy!

-I seem to be a lot more thirsty, and therefore am loving the more thirst quenching beverages.  My favorite has been club soda with a splash of orange juice, very refreshing!

-I have thrown up a few times.  The first time was while I was deveining shrimp.  (If you’ve ever done this, pregnant or not, you know it’s not an easy job to keep your lunch down!)  The other times, oddly enough, have been while I’m brushing my teeth!  I think that gag reflex is just on high, and lets face it; who hasn’t gaged a time or two while brushing the tongue!

-I’ve been taking afternoon naps.  Afterall, it’s exhausting work making a little human!

My first prenatal appointment is tomorrow!  I’m so excited to get a glimpse of this little bean growing inside me!  Sometimes it doesn’t feel real, so I think it will really change some things.  My prediction- Tears will be shed.  I’ll probably take my first “belly photo” tomorrow when we get confirmation of how far along we really are.

My husband and I discussed names last night while falling asleep.  Serious names, because my husbands first suggestion was “Hashtag” for a boy.  Yeah, like the “#” symbol… I’m all for unique names, but I don’t know if I can handle that one.