Hello!  Welcome to my blog!  This page is dedicated to my ever so random life happenings!  I’m a newlywed who relocated to Southern California from West Virginia.  I left most of my family and good friends back on the east coast, so this is an attempt to keep those people involved in whats happening in my life.  These days, a lot of my time is spent experimenting in the kitchen, being creative and making jewelry from “found” items and oh, did I mention that I’m pregnant?  Yeah, there’s that too!  So enjoy browsing my recipe box, getting inspired by everyday items getting a new life as a piece of jewelry, and following all the “Too Much Information” that comes with My First Pregnancy.

I also have another blog, where I publish my “best of the best” recipes.  The MELecular Kitchen.  There you can also contact me about small to medium event catering, private chef services etc.

I’m sure that my family and friends will be my biggest fans and subscribers.  (Hint Hint)  And it will be a great place to stay caught up on what’s going on here in Cali!  I hope you enjoy it!

Mel Taylor

1 thought on “About”

  1. Hey Melissa… I want to tell you and others, that your jewelry line is really cool. I enjoy the bracelet so much. You will see me here again!!! Thanks again!!

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